Love God...Love People...Change the World

Our Mission & Vision

In response to the love of God, the commands of Jesus Christ, and the leading of the Holy Spirit, our mission is the same as the church of the first century – We simplify this to 3 main areas of focus: Loving God, Loving People and Changing the World. This isn’t just a motto or tag line to us. It is why we exist as a church and drives every aspect of what we do. 

Our Purpose

Fox Creek Christian Church is a New Testament Church built upon the foundation of God’s Word as its sole authority and guide.  We shall have no creed or articles of faith outside of scripture. We exist to Love God, Love People and Change the World. We will accomplish this by following Jesus’ example; we will Go and share the good news of our Savior with our community and world.
     The purpose of FCCC is First, to evangelize, the leading of others to a committed relationship with Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.  Second. FCCC desires to edify Christians through education of the scripture, promoting fellowship and empowering to serve using God given talents. Third, FCCC will minister to those in need.  Fourth, FCCC will strive to be the conscience of the community by speaking out for biblical truth in a secular society.